About Terry

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to play various sports such as football, tennis, and athletics. However, I suffered from many injuries as a result of playing.

My most severe being a broken leg during the final year of my degree. After studying a joint honours degree in Psychology and Sports Studies, I worked within the financial industry. However, after a year and a half, I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to provide a service where I felt my contribution helped individuals, similar to how the surgeon and physiotherapists helped with my physical rehabilitation but in my own way. I wanted my role to be in line with my personal interests.

Sports and rehabilitation fit that category, therefore in 2021 I began studying a level 5 diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy at the North London School of Sports Massage. Now I provide a service that can help aid in the recovery from injuries as well as relieve discomfort from the stresses of daily life.

As well as providing my services to Outrivals gym, I also work with elite junior athletes that train at my local athletics centre as well as Crystal Palace FC as part of an internship.

My hobbies now include, discovering new music, reading, and playing dungeons and dragons


Enquire about your selected service by emailing us which one you desire and we will book you in on our end!

More information below about specific massages.

Massage therapy is also good for restoring balance to your physical and mental state.

Whether you are stressed about sports/ performance, work or just general life, part of my role as a therapist is to help you navigate these challenges.

Deep tissue massage can aid the body in reducing stress hormones such as cortisol that can be elevated in the blood during exercise and increase the amount of serotonin and melatonin to help improve sleep and reduce the symptoms of depression/ low mood.

This can be achieved through breath work to help regulate breathing patterns and encourage mindfulness as it can give you the opportunity to reset.




Sport massages includes various soft tissue techniques that aid in the recovery from new/ old injuries or surgeries as well as aid in the management of chronic pain that can be caused from degenerative diseases such as arthritis or the insertion of foreign objects post-surgery.

By releasing any trigger points that are stimulating your nerves that is recreating a painful sensation or using various Soft Tissue Release techniques to reduce the tension held in your fascia that is either causing discomfort or inhibiting the body from efficiently repairing any damage.

Exercises may also be prescribed to aid your rehabilitation process so we can work with the wider team to aid in your recovery. 

90 min


Intital consultation

90 min


Add 30 min cupping session for £25

Find out about your body – Assessment based – Range of motion testing – Hip flexion  – Postural assessment  – Balances that pop out  – Design next session around consultation

This includes collating your medical history as well as both subjective and objective assessments so we can build a picture of what condition your body is in before any treatment is done and for us to establish goals and expectations as we build our treatment plan together.

This will include treatments that target any immediate issues and compensations we discover. It may also include some functional testing such as a gait analysis or postural assessment. 


Its purpose is aid in your warmup and help prepare your body for your upcoming session. Through MET, general massage techniques and passive mobility work it can help with reducing any pre-session stiffness as well improve range and quality of motion in targeted areas allowing you to increase the load of your training. 


Recovery is just as important as training. A post-event treatment can help the body recover from the stresses of exercise. This can be achieved through a variety of basic techniques as well as more advanced techniques like Positional Release and Muscle Energy Techniques to help reset any overstimulated muscles to a relaxed state.

60 min



45 min


Add 30 min cupping session for £25 to any 

As a standalone treatment or an additional service, cupping is non-invasive and effective for reducing muscle tension by decompressing the muscle tissue.

This allows a rush of lymphatic fluids and blood to relax the muscles and desensitising any overstimulated myofascial trigger points and areas of tension.


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