At Outrivals, we house a team of professionals who specialise in Small Group Training and have a range of certifications, from different levels of Personal Training to qualifications in Nutritional Studies. Our gym is strategically located in Old Street, London in order to make it easier for you to access these classes at any time of the day. 

We know that 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions can be expensive and rigid, and on the other hand, fitness classes can be overpopulated and generic. This is why our team has taken the best of both worlds and created Small Group Training classes. 


Each class at Outrivals has a maximum capacity of 10 people. This is to make sure that our trainers can pay attention to each individual person while still maintaining the hyped atmosphere and excitement that comes from working out in a group. Classes are also designed to ensure your form and technique are the main focus. Ultimately, small classes allow our trainers to build a rapport and work closely with you from the very start. Our trainers get to know your individual goals, as well as your strengths and injuries, even in these group training sessions, because we believe in building and maintaining relationships with our members. 

Outrivals Small Group Training classes are structured on a monthly basis to show continuous progression through tailored programming. These programs are created together with the Outrivals team members. The Outrivals team is made up of highly qualified strength and conditioning coaches, weightlifting and boxing trainers, as well as nutritionists. Each team member puts their own spin on the classes which creates a different workout experience for you every time you jump into a class. As a collective, this collaboration of personal style and workout know-how produces the best group training experience in London!

Check out our programming below as well as our members’ testimonials! To get started, book your 7-day trial below or view our memberships.

The best of the gyms around – professional and friendly trainers and staff, diverse workouts, and genuine care for members, always seeking to improve the experience with no strings attached.

Fernando Pernica

Really lovely gym where you get the feeling to know the people (teachers and other clients). The class are given in a small group with attention from the teachers to look at your posture. The shake bar is delicious and the showers facilities are very comfortable and high quality. Highly recommended!

Nora Jaccaud

A great community gym, where you really get a family atmosphere. The coaches are really professional and helpful. Every class is really challenging and you’ll leave the place with a really positive energy.

Lorene Menart

Attentive and knowledgable trainers. There is a range of options available from 1on1 personal training to small group classes. Suitable for beginners but also tailored to challenge advanced athletes.

Madeleine Evans

All the classes were really good and as you have small class sizes, you get lots of instructor attention to correct your technique. The staff are super friendly so go give it a try! It’s worth your time and money.

Jeff Elephant

A really friendly gym – some of the best trainers in London! You get a real “community” feel as soon as you walk in with great workouts, great equipment, great support, great shakes, great social side. Great.

Kerrie McCabe


Our months are broken down into 4 weeks, with each week focusing on a different phase of training. Our periodised programming is created by our team of trainers and set a month in advance at two different levels. This means whether you are new to the gym or an experienced member, you can still reap the benefits of our monthly programming. Below you can see a snapshot of each week, with their varying tempos and weights!

Week 1 – Endurance

Longer working time, less rest, 50% of 1 rep max

Week 2 – Building

Medium working time and tempo, 75% of 1 rep max

Week 3 – Strength

Heavier weight, higher tempo, 90% of 1 rep max

Week 4 – Challenge

Varying times/ weights/ tempo + testing


small group training member#1

Love love love this place! They are so friendly! I’ve been to a few studios in London and I’m a member of another Gym (have been for 8 years) but not once have I been greeted by name. Within two weeks of starting here, even the ladies on reception welcomed me by name! This, while a small thing, makes you feel valued as a client.

Michelle Bellyou

The best of the gyms around – professional and friendly trainers and staff, diverse workouts, and genuine care for members, always seeking to improve the experience with no strings attached.

Fernando Pernica

small group training member#2
small group training member#3

Outrivals is the best gym I’ve ever joined. Everyone was friendly and made you feel right at home. It’s almost like you’re getting a personal training session every class. Instructors are attentive, patient and knowledgable, making sure you get the technique down. Lastly, the smoothies they make are highly addicting, with little motivational messages on the smoothie cups!

Megan Lam



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