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Small group classes with outrivals

We understand that private personal training can be expensive, and fitness classes in other gyms can feel overpopulated. This is the reason why we choose to create Small Group Training at Outrivals where we allow only a maximum of 8 people in each of our 60 weekly classes, so everyone who trains with us isn’t just a number.

We get to know you by your name and work with you on your technique and form to ensure you are doing all exercises correctly in case of any previous or current injuries. All this whilst training within a friendly community environment! Our team of fitness professionals have different qualifications ranging from Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Fat loss, Boxing and Pre- and Post-Natal expertise; and before instructing any Outrivals classes, they go through an intensive 4-week Outrivals training course understanding the Outrivals ethos and culture.


We understand the importance of maintaining your lifestyle, we believe in balance and that’s the way we like to do things at Outrivals. Throughout your journey with us, we will ensure you have all the tools you need to reach your goal, even if there are holidays and work trips planned, your plan will be created to work for you. The entire Outrivals team is on hand to offer our clients the most comprehensive and tailored personal training experience. So whether you are looking at improving your strength, posture, mobility, lifestyle, muscle development or any other goal, we will ensure it is done as efficiently as possible!





A community driven boutique gym providing open gym, small group classes and personal training across London.

Outrival at North Greenwich

Outrivals on The Tide
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