With a team of highly qualified professionals equipped with diverse fitness experiences, Outrivals in Old Street, London has extended our gym’s services to include Personal Training. Along with knowledge of Small Group Training, our team members are experts in Personal Training. With a well-rounded team of nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, and weightlifting and boxing trainers, you will be sure to experience the most effective and engaging Personal Training sessions to achieve your fitness goals. 

Since our doors opened in 2016, the Outrivals team has been helping local Londoners reach their goals of losing weight, getting stronger, and becoming leaner with our individually tailored programming. Our clientele consists of busy professionals, city workers, athletes looking to improve performance, sports rehabilitation clients recovering from injuries, and many more. We have clients from all sorts of athletic and fitness backgrounds, and even some with no knowledge or experience at all. Fitness is a journey with many different starting places and levels. So whatever your schedule or background is, we can work around it!

Personal training before and after body transformation 1
Personal training before and after body transformation 2

Whether you are getting ready for an event, such as a wedding, marathon, tough mudder, spartan race, or 10k run, the Outrivals trainers will help you reach your transformation goals and achieve the best results possible. The entire Outrivals team is on hand to offer our clients the most comprehensive and tailored personal training experience. So you can improve your strength, mobility, and muscle development, and achieve fat loss as efficiently as possible!

Whether you are seeking Personal Training on a 1-on-1 basis or 2-on-1, all you need to do to start is complete a 60-minute Intro PT session. This session includes a 30-minute body measurement, as well as an overall fitness assessment to determine your current fitness level. This will help our trainers develop goals and workouts that are best for your body and abilities. If you opt for a package below, your Intro PT session is free of charge! So what are you waiting for? Start your fitness journey with one of our trainers today!

Click here to book a time or purchase an Intro PT session starting from £45. 


Don’t just take it from us! Read some of our clients’ fitness stories below. Weight loss, muscle building, and improving mobility are just a few of the goals our clients achieve at Outrivals.

Personal Training before and after body transformation 3

I‘ve worked with Felix for two months at Outrivals, and in that time he transformed my gym experience. With his guidance, I was able to lift heavier, improve my confidence in the gym and achieve my fat loss goal. All in all, Felix’s style of training is sustainable for the long term. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Outrivals.
Areej Alhejely trained by Felix Ma

Loving the new routine Josh. Feels good to be aching again, I’ve just bought some scales and now weigh 10st 4lb. I’ve not been 10st for years! I can see the muscle difference 100%. I have noticed a huge difference in my lifestyle and have seen massive improvements, I can’t wait to keep on training with you and continuing on my fitness journey with you.
Dave Freeland trained by Joshua Ward

Personal Training before and after body transformation 4
Personal Training before and after body transformation 5

I wanted to be stronger, lose body fat and feel fitter so this prompted me to invest in personal training. The training is tailored to suit me according to my level. Whenever Felix corrects me during an exercise, I can immediately feel the difference and what muscles I should feel working. I have built a great rapport with other Outrivals trainers which never happens in other gyms. Overall, it’s been a life-changing 3 months.
Tongtong Ren trained by Felix Ma

At Outrivals, physical progress and achievements are only the beginning. Alongside reaching their physical goals, our clients’ diets, lifestyles, and overall wellbeings improve to ultimately create a positive impact on their lives. At Outrivals we believe that leading a healthy lifestyle physically can also help in balancing a healthy lifestyle mentally. Improving moods, self-body image, and mental health are just some of the benefits that we hope to share with our clients. 

Our number one passion remains in helping transform the lives and bodies of everyday men and women in London. We exist to aid those with busy schedules and provide an affordable way to achieve their fitness goals.




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