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Post-Natal Program with Guaranteed Results

The Outrivals post-natal program

Designed to get you back to feeling your bestregain confidence through fitness, and enjoy free movement again, the Outrivals Post-Natal Programme is a specially tailored programme to help you recover to your full potential.

Each 12-week programme begins with a consultation to determine where you are, allowing our in-house pre/post-natal specialist Laura Haynes to create a personalised routine for you. Laura ensures you start where you are comfortable, and her expert guidance will guarantee strength recovery in three months after having your newborn.

At Outrivals, we believe that maximising time spent with your newborn is crucial in their upbringing. That’s why we have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) policy that lets you work out and keep an eye on your little one. Our staff will be on hand to help look after your newborn throughout your workout. 

To enquire about our post-natal program, please submit your interest below or email us at Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

There is limited space at this moment in time.*


When you sign up for this program, your tailor-made program will consist of 36x sessions over 12 weeks. Each week features three sessions, enabling consistency and allowing time for your social, work, and personal life.


During your weekly one-to-one check-ins, your coach will review your food diary. This meeting will allow us to fine-tune your nutrition, and in combination with your tailor-made programme, we've crafted a recipe for success.


Outside of your training sessions, your dedicated coach will sit down with you once a week. These weekly meetings allow us to work together to monitor progress throughout the program.


During your 12-week post-natal journey, you will follow a tailor-made program crafted by one of our in-house specialist coaches. This journey will consist of 36x sessions over 12 weeks, based on three 1-on-1 sessions a week focusing on fat loss.


Following your tailor-made programme, the nutritional advice provided, and having the willingness to work hard will guarantee results.


client testimonial

I can’t recommend the post-natal at Outrivals enough. I came to Outrivals six weeks after giving birth once I had the go-ahead from my GP. To restart, I needed to have a consultation with Laura before commencing classes so she could ensure we were doing everything safely. 

The biggest motivation to come to post-natal was that I could bring my baby to class and didn’t need to pay for a creche while I exercised!

I organise my week around these classes. We started slow in the class, working out what I could do and what needed some time to recover. Laura is a great coach who can adapt quickly and tailor to your needs during your recovery. You have one body, and by doing guided post-natal classes, you can allow it to recover and become stronger, so you can keep up with your little one. 

During class, the babies sleep, entertain themselves or get some cuddles from Laura if they are a little fussy, which enables you to continue working out.


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