8 weeks of Unlimited Small Group Training Classes, done whenever and wherever you want!

Outrivals On-Demand brings you the very best of our trainers and classes directly to you via online training, whenever you want it, wherever you want it!

It is an 8 week program and we all start together at the same time. We have already started our first block, and our next block is due to start on 30th November! To register your interest, click here to send us an email and we’ll send you through all the details you need.

Ingrid Testimonial 1-Outrivals-on-demand

Join us and our online training team each week as we deliver the Outrivals experience directly to the comfort of your own home. We’ve got 5 workouts a week for you in our timetable as follows:

Monday – Legs & Shoulders
Tuesday – Metcon
Wednesday – Upper Body & Core
Thursday – Intense Kettlebells
Friday – Total Body Strength

You’ll have access to our full library of online training classes on a weekly basis, as we take you through a journey each month through our progressive programming.

Working on through a periodized structure much like we do in our small group training, we start on Week 1 in the Endurance phase where we focus on stamina, then work through weeks of building muscle via Hypertrophy in Week 2 and Strength in Week 3, and finally, Week 4 is our Challenge week where we test elements of everything we’ve worked on throughout the month to show your progression.

In addition to this, we’ll also be providing technique videos on “how to movements” through our exercise tutorial videos, and will also be adding in “Live” class elements in order to interact with you in real-time as the weeks progress.

Finally, you’ll get membership to our exclusive Instagram On-Demand Group where you’ll be able to interact with other members using the service, will be able to ask our training team for any guidance you may need, and most importantly to help you stay connected in this time of separation and restriction.

We look forward to having you onboard!

£40 /Month