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Omar Augustin

Senior coach

omar augustin

“Omar has over 15 years of training experience and has been coaching for over 6 years. Omar enjoys a wide range of sports and throughout his life has participated in Basketball, Athletics and American Football. Most recently, Omar has been competing in CrossFit ranging from regional competitions to the European Championships. 
Omar specialises in CrossFit, Strength Training and Olympic Lifting. If you want to improve your movement mechanics, get stronger while looking and feeling good he has you covered.  
He believes consistency is the foundation to progress and creating a sustainable routine where training is enjoyable and becomes a habit. There are no quick fixes or magic pills, show up, put the work in and you will see results.
His hobbies include reading, listening to podcasts, cycling, climbing and swimming.”


A community driven boutique gym providing open gym, small group classes and personal training across London.

Outrival at North Greenwich

Outrivals on The Tide
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