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We know it is a tough decision when it comes to choosing a good gym in Old Street, as there are many offering similar services, but something that Outrivals prides itself with is our constant effort to build a community, not just a faceless gym. We strive daily to be one of the best gyms in Old Street to provide a personable customer service, from learning your name the very first moment you visit us, all the way to helping our community achieve their goals and promote an overall healthier lifestyle through our offerings.




What makes Outrivals different from all the other Old Street gyms out there is our passion and dedication towards each of our community members, from the attention to form and technique in our small group fitness classes, to our tailored private personal training sessions. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a fad, it is a way of life for us, which is why we do not preach transformations. Instead, we promote balance and our aim is to sprinkle of a bit of fitness into your weekly routine, as well as reminding you to live whilst achieving your goals. For everyone who takes this journey with us, our team of fitness professionals are always here to help.

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Whatever you want to achieve, whether it’s a 100kg squat or just getting your fitness started, our personal trainers know how to make that happen. If you work with us and follow our advice, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Take that first step now and contact us.
Established in 2015 by our Founder Matt Lo, with just 4 outdoor fitness classes per month in various parks across East London, we have now grown to be one of the best known boutique gyms in Old Street. The daily mantra of our founder is that your biggest rival is yourself and that the only thing that stands between you and achieving your goals is the person you face every day in the mirror. His life ethos is now the ethos of the Outrivals and every one of our team stands by it. He wanted to create a gym community where members felt comfortable going and could call it their second home. Our fitness trainers motivate our members to help them achieve their fitness goals through living a balanced lifestyle.

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Outrivals offers one-on-one private personal training as well as group training. We cater to the whole of our community, and create an environment that guarantees our members get the full experience to attain a healthy balanced lifestyle.
Outrivals is equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art gym equipment for all your strength and conditioning needs, and facilities to help you get maximum results. Our boutique fitness gym in Old Street has a gym space split into a class area for small group classes and a PT area for personal training sessions, as well as an open gym area for you to come and train yourself during our Open Gym hours.

Unlike other gyms, we don’t just sign-up loads of members, we only take on 200 members at each of our gyms. We don’t work on a high volume with low-quality service, but instead, we pay attention to each of our members helping them enhance strength and achieve their fitness level, no matter what size, shape, gender or age they are. Moreover, our personal training programmes are catered to each member’s availability so even if you think you cannot fit fitness into your weekly routine, we’ll make it happen. Contact us now for an affordable personal trainer in Old Street.
Still wondering about which Gym in Old Street to be a member of? Join Outrivals and you’ll be happy that you made the right choice, and you will look forward to going to the gym instead of thinking it is a chore. Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself what Outrivals can offer you. Take that first step to attain your balanced lifestyle today.

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Most popular packages


£55 /Month

  • Book into any Open Gym slots on our timetable at all our locations available 7 days per week from opening till close.
  • Maximum 10 people per Open Gym slot.
  • Full Access to Changing Room & Showers.


£135 /Month

  • Unlimited Access to Outrivals Small Group Training Classes every month @£8.44 per class (based on 4 classes per week).
  • Max 8 people per class & Access ALL Outrivals locations.
  • Monthly Rolling Contract, no joining fee.

8x 1-on-1 Indoor PT

£494 /Month

  • 8x Private PT sessions every month with your assigned Outrivals Coach.
  • Tailored Individual program designed by your Outrivals Trainer specific to your goals.
  • Weekly Check-ins to ensure targets and goals are being met.

Our classes

60 per week, Maximum of 8 people, engineered and programmed by our own training team every month and split into 4 weekly periodic cycles to ensure you progress. Endurance, Hypertrophy, Strength.








Member Testimonials


I found a group of friends that loves working out as much as I do at Outrivals—and with a smile and great music! I used to want everything – I wanted across studios and gyms, close to my flat, close to work, close to the tube etc. My workouts now are in one place, quick, effective and fun.


Shannon with Josh Outrivals

Got to say my Personal Training experience has been amazing. Listen to the FAMILY at outrivals and you will see and feel results in no time… I say family because I’ve never felt so comfortable with a gym, IN MY LIFE. Sounds a bit soppy, but I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else! My strength has increased in ways I never thought possible, as well as my flexibility!

Shannon a.k.a Mufasa


Outrivals is our go-to circuit and strength training classes in London! We’ve been members for two years now and love the friendly instructors who are so genuine and encouraging! The small group size means they can pay closer attention to your form and get to know you on a more personal level. We love the community feel!

Luka & Yuka

Fabio testimonial-outrivals

After 1.5 years, I still love the vibe and energy. They always bring something new to help build a sense of community, that goes beyond building strength and muscles. They make the effort to remember our names & the volunteering sessions they arrange for the kids at Shoreditch Park proves Outrivals is not just a gym! 🙂



45 Min Classes

Nutrition bar

Retail hub

Full Shower Facilities

All levels are welcome, and we mean it! You literally need no background in a gym environment to get started. All of our classes are infinitely scalable so you can jump right into any session without hesitation. Likewise, if you have some experience, the scalability works both ways so expect a work out!
With Personal Training, you will usually work within ‘Blocks’, specific to your goals, and progress over a period of time. We have taken this model to the way we design our Small Group Training classes, allowing you to see logical progress over 4 weeks (with each week having a different focus), starting with endurance, then build, into strength and finally challenge. At your Body MOT you can find out more about which classes suit you and your goals.
We offer Small Group Training classes and Personal Training memberships that run month-to-month and can be settled by autopay on the same date each month (30th). To get this set up, just get in touch with us via phone or email and we will organise a pro-rate until the start of the next billing cycle so you can get training right away.
Our packages are varied and flexible to adapt to your training frequency and the goals you have set for yourself with your trainer. At your consultation, your trainer will make a recommendation based on the above but ultimately it’s up to you!
Not much! Our facilities provide everything you need, from showering supplies to equipment necessary for workouts to great training gear options from our branded merchandise. The changing rooms are supplied with hair and body care products and other essentials that will make sure you are leaving here looking as fresh as you feel.
All our monthly members receive Open Gym access to train themselves during our open gym hours to put everything you learn into action. This is on top of your Small Group PT or Private PT membership.


Outrivals Old Street

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Outrivals Old Street
22-24 Corsham Street,
London, N16DR

+44 (0)20 7683 1967


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Mon-Thu: 6:30am – 8:00pm
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