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North Greenwich

Welcome to Outrivals on-the-Tide

Welcome to Outrivals Gym On-the-Tide. Located in North Greenwich, Outrivals specialises in strength and conditioning training with a fantastic view of the River Thames. Featuring a wide variety of daily classes tailored and designed by our expert Trainers, there’s a programme for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, our classes will push you to your limits to help you achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Our specialty antenatal classes, designed for pre-natal and post-natal women, help you ensure your fitness is always taken care of at Outrivals.

Open gym and personal training programmes are also available for those who want to train solo. Open gym grants unlimited access to all our facilities, letting you utilise the space as your gym.

Our personal training packages start from £49.99 per session and feature a personal trainer who will design a tailored fitness program to suit your every need. From fat loss to strength, bodybuilding, and event-based training, our team will help you meet your every goal.

Contact us today to join our Outrivals community and start your fitness journey with us.


A community driven boutique gym providing open gym, small group classes and personal training across London.

Outrival at North Greenwich

Outrivals on The Tide
20 Cutter Lane,
London, SE10 0XW