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The Outrivals Blog is dedicated to bringing the internal culture of Outrivals out to the public – showing what being an Outrival means and answering any questions the members of our community might have. We want to show you what’s going on atOutrivals Old Street and introduce you to what could be the start of your fitness journey. Take a look at our topics below!

Being outrivals fitness story
Being outrivals fitness story 2
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Blog Topics

AllOutrivals trainers are highly qualified professionals with backgrounds and qualifications in strength and conditioning, weightlifting and boxing, and nutrition. To help you better understand your body and fitness, we’ve created weekly articles featuring first-hand accounts and expert knowledge, in addition to general fitness information and teachings.

Outrivals & Personal Fitness Stories

Alexs personal fitness story
Alex’s Personal Fitness Story
Joshs personal fitness story
Joining Outrivals with Josh

Goal Setting & Motivation

Martyns personal fitness story
Motivation with Martyn
Goal setting with Marshall
Goal Setting with Marshall

Exercises, Workouts & Post-Workout

Workout with Felix
Workout with Felix
Workout with Felix
Fitness Classes: A Way to Boost up Your Body & Soul with Great Positivity!
Workout with Felix
5 reasons why you need a personal fitness trainer now
Workout with Felix
The Top Reasons Why You Should Work Out With A Professional Gym Trainer
Workout with Felix
2020 five amazing facts about going to the GYM
Workout with Felix
Why people prefer to go for personal training instead of group training?


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