Felix Team photo

Felix Ma Mobility & Calisthenics

Felix is our resident mobility coach, who looks to improve your overall movement capacity through tried and tested methods. Take a look at how he creates and executes workouts with his clients in our blog post, Workout with Felix.

A student and teacher of the infamous Functional Range Conditioning Certification (FRC), he is expertly qualified to coach you to move to the best of your ability, improve your range of motion, and help you work more efficiently and productively.

1 Minute with Felix

Favourite Song
Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira

Favourite Sport to Watch or Play

Go-To Drink
Diet Coke

Exploring cultures, Hiking, Storytelling & Design

Last Meal Before Death
Ribeye Steak cooked medium rare, peppercorn sauce & hand-cut fries

Childhood Hero
Jackie Chan

Spirit Animal
A Hummingbird – Adaptable, resilient & optimistic

Favourite Film
The Dark Knight

Best Advice Ever Received
Say what you mean and mean what you say.

An Interesting Fact
Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.