Ben Team photo

Ben Neilson Body Composition

Ben has been with the Outrivals team for over 2 years, helping people gain comfort and progress in gaining flexible wellbeings. His qualifications include Level 2, 3 and 4 Personal Training and Fitness Coaching. In addition to this, Ben has a Level 1 qualification in Food, Nutrition and Wellness Studies.

Ben uses a combination of knowledge and performance to help his clients reach their personalised fitness goals with as much enjoyment as possible!

1 Minute with Ben

Favourite Song
Pretty Little Fears by 6lack ft J. Cole

Favourite Sport to Watch or Play
Watch & Play: Football

Go-To Drink

Being a full time geezer

Last Meal Before Death
15 Lobster rolls

Childhood Hero
David Beckham

Spirit Animal
King Cobra

Favourite Film
Doesn’t have one – Too many favourites

Best Advice Ever Received
“You’re never late in the process to success. You’re on time.”

An Interesting Fact
The average person spends 6 months waiting for a red light to turn green.