About Outrivals

Outrivals is built on the idea that your biggest rival is yourself. The only thing that stands between you and your own greatness is the person you face everyday in the mirror. We understand that sometimes there can be problems for people seeking a place to train. Through our unique philosophy and personable demeanour, we can find a comfortable solution for everyone.

Be your own hero neon sign in gym
Whether that be through clients taking control of their own training, joining with classes, or working with a trainer one on one, Outrivals has a pathway for you to reach your goals. We put huge value on attention to technique, as well as programming that intelligently guides you through your training, whilst wanting to keep our memberships affordable. 

The other aspect is our commitment to keeping our experience personable from a customer service & community standpoint. This starts with learning peoples names and their stories. To best help you achieve your goals we get you to open up about your ‘why’. This is because it allows us to be an actual part of your health and fitness journey, rather than just a bystander. We believe creating an environment and atmosphere, where you can work hard while feeling comfortable with a smile on your face, is paramount. This has created countless friendships between our team and members that flourish out in the ‘real world’ too!

The Vision

In 2015, our founder Matt Lo, a born and bred Londoner, was taught from a young age the meaning of family and graft. He wanted to bring the concept of fitness community indoors and to create a place where members would challenge themselves and become their own hero. He crowdfunded £75,000 within 21 days to build our first home in Old Street to create this amazing new concept.

The Launch

Outrivals aims at building a community where everyone can get involved. Our small group classes have a maximum capacity of 10 people and for a very good reason. This means our trainers are attentive to each individuals needs, as well as know each individuals goals, strengths and injuries. Our Outrivals team consists of highly qualified coaches, including strength, conditioning, boxing, as well as nutritionists.

The Future

The future is to launch Outrivals gym in cities around the globe which aim to bring real communities together.