About Outrivals

Outrivals started in 2015 with 4 outdoor fitness classes per month held inside various parks across East London. Over time, we noticed that more and more people came back each week because of the fitness community vibe we created, and from their very first session with us we acknowledged and remembered each person by their name. Our founder Matt Lo wanted to bring this vibe indoors to keep building on our community and create a place where people could feel like they belong to their gym and be comfortable training there, together with other people who were initially total strangers, but overtime became regular friendly faces.

Our aim is to ensure our community that we create benefits the local community in some way. In 2018, we launched our volunteering project together with our team and members volunteering in our local communities.

Be your own hero neon sign in gym
Goodlord at Outrivals
Outrivals volunteering event

On 8th February 2016, our very first Outrivals Gym opened its door in Old Street, East London having successfully crowdfunded £75,000 within 21 days. Inside there is an open gym space split into a class area to run our small group classes and a PT area for Personal Training sessions and open gym. We also have separate male & female changing rooms and a reception area where our front of house team is hand picked to ensure they truly believe in the culture of Outrivals and everything we believe in, and make every effort to call our members by their name, as well as remember them every time they walk through the doors. We now have our second site Outrivals on The Tide in North Greenwich with a stunning view overlooking River Thames bringing the same vibe as Outrivals Old St.

However, the Outrivals culture doesn’t stop there. Matt’s daily mantra is that your biggest rival is yourself and that the only thing that stands between you and your own greatness is the person you face everyday in the mirror. His life ethos is now the ethos of the company, to Be your own hero.

The Vision

Our vision is our engine, to bring people together as a community. Within our community, we want to be able to teach everyone to be their own hero. We promise that everything that we do as Outrivals is created by being our own hero.

The Future

The future is to keep bringing people together into a community in everything that we do, whether it’s launching more Outrivals gyms outside of the UK, creating a line of Outrivals clothing or serving food at new CHOY House venues across the world. Outrivals gyms is just the beginning…