Fat loss programs aren’t universal, and at Outrivals, we don’t believe that one program works for
all. Success only comes from getting to know and personalising a
program for each client. We are opening our doors to 
committed individuals looking to lose fat under our fantastic team of fat-loss specialists in the new year

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strength program and fat loss program
strength program and fat loss program
strength program and fat loss program
strength program and fat loss program
strength program and fat loss program

12x 1-2-1 Sessions

When you sign up for this program, your tailor-made program will consist of 36 sessions over 12 weeks. Each week features three sessions, enabling consistency and allowing time for your social, work, and personal life.

Weekly check-ins

Outside of your training sessions, your dedicated coach will sit down with you once a week. These weekly meetings allow us to work together to monitor progress throughout the program.

Nutritional Guidance

During your weekly one-to-one check-ins, your coach will review your food diary. This will allow us to fine-tune your nutrition, this along side your tailor-made program is a recipe for success

Guaranteed results

Following your tailor-made programme, the nutritional advice provided, and having the willingness to work hard will guarantee results.

Tailored program

During your 12-week fat loss programme, you will follow a tailor-made program crafted by one of our in-house specialist coaches. Each member will have 36 sessions over 12 weeks, based on three 1-on-1 sessions a week focusing on fat loss.

strength & fat loss program


Being a member at Outrivals has changed my life in many ways. I have found a community with the trainers and the other members who are supportive and genuinely friendly, you can always find a cheer squad whenever you hit a PB! The classes sizes are small so you can get the support you need.


My experience with Outrivals has been very positive. Omar, my PT, is very helpful and supportive. He keeps me motivated by gradually introducing new challenges every week. Every session is always different so that makes it more interesting, with new things/tricks to learn. I feel more energetic and lighter and my clothes fit better now. The gym has good facilities and it is equipped with all sorts of machines and weights. The location is great with a nice view of the river. The staff is always kind and friendly

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