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A community driven boutique gym providing open gym, small group classes and personal training across London.





Not everyone’s goals are the same, but you’re not alone. Share your goals and ideas with our community who also have their own goals, and watch the magic unravel..

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We know the feeling, going into a gym feeling unmotivated, not knowing anyone. Outrivals brings people together, from our personable touch the very first time you walk through the door, and throughout your whole journey with us, providing you with a sense of belonging.

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Fitness isn’t everything, and we understand that. We don’t shout at you to ensure you gain a six pack within 12 weeks, and we don’t show an unhappy face when you have a burger. We will ensure that fitness is added as a part of your monthly lifestyle in a convenient way as part of your routine.

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Most popular packages


£65 /Month

  • Open Gym
  • 4 Classes; Thereafter: 5-10 classes @ £13, 11-14 @ £12, 15+ @ £11
  • Complimentary Body MOT to help agree achievable health goals and create a fitness plan.


£165 /Month

  • Open Gym
  • Unlimited Small Group Training Classes Every Month
  • Monthly Consultation with Trainer
  • Monthly Body MOT

Evolve PT

£520 /Month

  • Open Gym

  • 1x Intro PT Session
  • 8x 1-on-1 PT Sessions per month
  • 1x Initial nutrition consultation
  • Can roll over 1 cycle of unused PT sessions

Our classes

60 per week, Maximum of 10 people, engineered and programmed by our own training team every month and split into 4 weekly periodic cycles to ensure you progress. Endurance, Hypertrophy, Strength.




YOGA – Vinyasa Flow






45 Min Classes

Nutrition bar

Retail hub

Full Shower Facilities

All levels are welcome, and we mean it! You literally need no background in a gym environment to get started. All of our classes are infinitely scalable so you can jump right into any session without hesitation. Likewise, if you have some experience, the scalability works both ways so expect a work out!
With Personal Training, you will usually work within ‘Blocks’, specific to your goals, and progress over a period of time. We have taken this model to the way we design our Small Group Training classes, allowing you to see logical progress over 4 weeks (with each week having a different focus), starting with endurance, then build, into strength and finally challenge. At your Body MOT you can find out more about which classes suit you and your goals.
We offer Small Group Training classes and Personal Training memberships that run month-to-month and can be settled by autopay on the same date each month (30th). To get this set up, just get in touch with us via phone or email and we will organise a pro-rate until the start of the next billing cycle so you can get training right away.
Our packages are varied and flexible to adapt to your training frequency and the goals you have set for yourself with your trainer. At your consultation, your trainer will make a recommendation based on the above but ultimately it’s up to you!
Not much! Our facilities provide everything you need, from showering supplies to equipment necessary for workouts to great training gear options from our branded merchandise. The changing rooms are supplied with hair and body care products and other essentials that will make sure you are leaving here looking as fresh as you feel.
All our monthly members receive Open Gym access to train themselves during our open gym hours to put everything you learn into action. This is on top of your Small Group PT or Private PT membership.